I Live Here

 The residents I have encountered are friendly. If you want to meet people, Village Green at Arlington Club's events is held once a month or sometimes a couple times a month. I thought it was great because I relocated for work and did not know a lot of people. I thought it was great that they sent out newsletters about the events to remind everyone on what's gong on in the community.

We moved here to Village Green at Arlington Club last year. We love this place! We don't have any complaints at all. It's a well-maintained place. I think it's the best place in Wheeling!
My years that I have stayed at Village Green at Arlington Club were absolutely amazing. I finally found a place to call home. Everyone treated me as if I was part of the family.
Suzanne S.
The landscaping reflects the care you would expect in a country club.
Tom G.
The staff always makes sure things get taken care of.
Pam P.